Getting Started

Character Creation

Characters will follow the standard OVA rules with the following variants:

  • Scaled Cost — Higher levels of Abilities cost more. Rank 1 is costs1 point, Rank 2 costs 2, Rank 3 costs 4, Rank 4 costs 8, and Rank 5 costs 15. Disadvantages only provide their Rank in points back.
  • Base 0 — All characters Abilities and Weaknesses should equal out to 0
  • Normal Life — Every character must have a home District and a day job (or other activity that makes up their normal life)
  • Spirit Ability — Characters cannot take supernatural/superhuman Abilities for their base characters; any such Abilities must instead be part of the Spirit Ability (described below)
  • Starting Abilities— All characters start with the following abilities:
    - Soulbound +0
    - Transformation 3 (Endurance Cost -2)
    - Endurance Reserve 2 (Limited Recharge -1)
    - Bizarre Appearance (soul gem) -1
    - Vulnerability (soul gem) -2

Although the setting is based on Magical Girl themes, characters are not limited to any particular age or gender. After all, the genre has expanded enough to include at least two works starring Magical Middle-Aged Men, so I think just about anything goes.

Also, as a warning, the Abilities and Attacks that are part of the Transformation set draw from the Endurance Reserve pool. These Endurance points can only be recovered by sacrificing HP or absorbing spirit energy.

Special Abilities

Soulbound — You have made a pact with a god. His magic infuses you, body and soul, and grants you supernatural powers and resilience. While Transformed, you do not need to eat, drink, or sleep, and your natural healing is greatly accelerated.

Spirit — You have supernatural ancestry that gives you superhuman abilities. This functions similarly to the Gear Ability, granting points equal to its Rank that can be spent on other abilities. Also, the Rank determines how strong the Spirit blood is in you.

  1. Distant ancestor—at Rank 1, you are mostly human with a small amount of Spirit power
  2. Half-breed—at Rank 2, one of your parents is a Spirit
  3. Full Spirit—at Rank 3, you are a full-blooded Spirit
  4. Extraordinary—At rank 4, you are a special Spirit, something that is only born rarely or under unique circumstances
  5. Legendary—At Rank 5, you are literally a creature of legend, the subject of myths and fables.

Setting Information

  • World — Info on the general setting
  • City — The city the game takes place in
  • Spirits — The supernatural entities that live among humans
  • Religion — the gods and religion

Example Characters
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